Instagram Views: A Potential for Conversation

News 03:03 March 2024:

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If you are on Instagram, you know the potential that this site has. There are several different interactions that happen here. Fans, for instance, can give you Instagram views and they can actual comment on your posts. These comments and these Instagram video views should not remain stagnant. That is to say that just because you have the views and the likes and the shares does not mean that the goal has been accomplished. Instead, this is an opportunity to talk and share with customers and give them the response that they have given you.

When an Instagram view occurs or someone makes a comment, there is an opportunity that a page administrator must capitalize upon. They need to get in discussion with the follower. Whether it is a positive statement or a negative one, there is an opportunity to essentially talk back. This dialogue shows that you are a responsive company that wants to engage with their customers. A social media page that is responsive is more likely to see these customers remain for the long haul and long haul customers are more likely to make purchases and stick with the company.