SnapChat..the new place to promote your charity?

News 02:03 March 2024:

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With the increasing number of nonprofits out there today, it is extremely important to stay on top with advocating and promoting your organization. The best way to do is through the use of social media platforms. Everyone today has instant access to social media via smartphones, tablets or computers. So it’s important to stay connected.

One of the most accessible and innovative sites for social media today is SnapChat. SnapChat is a mobile and online app which allows users to communicate via short lived snaps or stories. A snap is a single photo and a story is a series of “snaps.” These only remain active for a short, specified time, but with over 100 million SnapChat users, they can gain instant fame within a matter of seconds. The Snaps will then generate SnapChat Followers who have viewed and liked the content and then chose to become a fan, or follower, of the page. It’s really that simple.

So all you have to do is create an attractive and informative “story” in picture form promoting your nonprofit organization to raise awareness. Users will view your snaps or stories, follow your page and start talking about your charity. It’s free so why not sign up today?