How to Attract Twitter Followers who share your Likes and Interests

News 04:03 March 2024:

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You may have ten thousand followers on twitter, but if only a handful of them have the same interests as you, your tweets and posts will forever be short of the thousand likes you probably deserve. Having twitter followers who are not interested in what you posts is a common experience for people who buy them. Of course people do anything to get many followers, but bought followers are very less likely to engage with you or retweet your posts.

In fact, some of the bought followers are robots and hence are just there to make your list of followers look bigger. On the other hand, you can start looking for followers you share interests by searching for them on the twitter search engine. If you love sports for instance, search for sports channels, teams and players and follow as many as you can. From these accounts is where you meet other sports junkies like you who can make your twitter experience the best you could dream of. After all, what else is the use of social networks if it is not to grow socially by socializing with people you share interests with?